Schools and Universities

Penn State Façade Restoration

At this Pennsylvania State university ecoservices was hired to assist in the façade restoration of this old historic gymnasium.  Our work consisted of extracting the asbestos containing precast masonry anchor points. There were estimated to be 10,000 points.  ecoservices used small hand tools to surgically extract the material
intact.  After the removal the crevices were vacuumed with a HEPA equipped vacuum.

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Middle School

Southern New Jersey

Removed mercury containing gymnasium flooring as part of a school renovation project.

A containment was constructed prior to floor removal.  Special Mercury monitoring was performed on the technicians.  The waste was sent to a hazardous material landfill after packaging the sections of flooring into specific packages to landfill specification.

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Princeton University

Princeton, New Jersey

ecoservices, LLC performed asbestos abatement of floor tile, floor tile mastic and joint compound on drywall.  Abatement performed under strict university guidelines and consultant over site.

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Pennsylvania State University

Various Campuses

ecoservices, LLC performed asbestos abatement including asbestos containing floor tile, mastic, asbestos pipe insulation and asbestos containing joint compound on drywall.  The Abington Campus worked was performed over a 10 week time span.

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