Case Studies

Princeton University

Princeton, New Jersey

ecoservices, LLC performed asbestos abatement of floor tile, floor tile mastic and joint compound on drywall.  Abatement performed under strict university guidelines and consultant over site.

Pennsylvania State University

Various Campuses

ecoservices, LLC performed asbestos abatement including asbestos containing floor tile, mastic, asbestos pipe insulation and asbestos containing joint compound on drywall.  The Abington Campus worked was performed over a 10 week time span.

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority

Philadelphia, PA

ecoservices, LLC performed asbestos abatement of the former East Falls Train Station that had been destroyed by fire.  The remediation included an environmental tank closure, asbestos abatement, asbestos contaminated debris removal, and boiler decommissioning.  All this work was completed underground in a confined space environment.

Former Verizon Cell Tower Site

Montoursville, PA

ecoservices assisted Verizon Wireless and numerous consulting entities to satisfy the PA DEP and EPA site closure requirements.  Verizon had developed a site for cell tower construction when asbestos contamination was discovered in excavation spoils.  Remediation involved installation of gunnite to inhibit erosion at construction pad areas, excavation of soil with asbestos contamination, and site restoration including complicated re grading, and sustained vegetative growth.

National Park Service, Merchants Exchange

Philadelphia, PA

ecoservices, LLC performed asbestos removal from architecturally significant antefixes as part of conservation and renovation of the original stock market for the U.S.  ecoservices worked closely with NPS and the Conservator to preserve the architectural components and reduce the likelihood of asbestos exposure on this legacy property of the Independence National Historic Park.

Winterthur Museum

Wilmington, Delaware

Premier Museum of American Decorative Arts was founded by Henry Francis DuPont

Project entailed strategic interior demolition while posting a watchman directly above to ensure no floor movement protecting the priceless antique plate collection.  The asbestos abatement followed the demolition, working 7 days a week to meet the tight construction schedule.


Project Description:  Transportation

ecoservices is responsible for a multi-year contract for a National Transportation Company, who is rehabilitating approximately 100 rail cars for a large Northeast city.  ecoservices responsibilities include entire train component disassembly and labeling, in addition to the asbestos abatement of the sound deadening material within the trains ceilings, walls, and floors.  ecoservices is also responsible for making surgical cuts crucial to the rehabilitation of the car.

Phillips Group for US Airways

Project Profile:

Description of Work: Decontaminated US Airways storage facility contaminated with biological and fungal bacteria and contaminants.  Recovered, dried, cleaned and repackaged over 300 boxes worth of sensitive maintenance and other records.


Schulmerich Bell

Historical Bell Manufacturing Company in Pennsylvania

Under contract for sale of the company, 40,000 sf of asbestos ceiling was discovered that needed to be completed in a rapid time frame.  ecoservices responded, was able to meet the schedule, and coordinate the logistics between the other trades on site to meet the settlement date of the sale.