Case Studies

Penn State Façade Restoration

At this Pennsylvania State university ecoservices was hired to assist in the façade restoration of this old historic gymnasium.  Our work consisted of extracting the asbestos containing precast masonry anchor points. There were estimated to be 10,000 points.  ecoservices used small hand tools to surgically extract the material
intact.  After the removal the crevices were vacuumed with a HEPA equipped vacuum.

Former National Volcanized Fiber Company

Kennett Square, PA

ecoservices, LLC performed asbestos abatement of ovens, pipe insulation, and flooring.  ecoservices additionally performed hazardous material removal and disposal prior to demolition by others.

General Chemical

Claymont, Delaware and Newark, New Jersey

ecoservices, LLC performed asbestos abatement at numerous building involving elevated work, abatement / demolition of structurally compromised buildings.  This work was complicated by sub freezing temperatures.

Reichhold Chemical

Newark, New Jersey

ecoservices, LLC performed asbestos abatement at a chemical manufacturing site in New Jersey.  Work involved asbestos abatement of large outdoor vessels, elevated work, and indoor thermal systems insulation removal.  This was an abatement of the entire facility in preparation for demolition.

Cape May Coast Guard TRACEN

Cape May Coast Guard , TRACEN

ecoservices, LLC performed environmental remediation including mercury containing gymnasium floor materials removal.  Work included hazardous material disposal at approved facilities.

Lockheed Martin

King of Prussia, PA and Gaithersburg, MD

ecoservices, LLC performed asbestos abatement as part of routine facility improvements.  Work included removal of asbestos tile, pipe insulation, and asbestos containing transite.

ecoservices, LLC performed remediation of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORM).  Work was completed under special Health and Safety guidelines.

Asbestos pipe insulation removal often includes installation of replacement fiberglass insulation.
King of Prussia, PA and Gaithersburg, MD

Cobham Defense Electronics Systems

Lansdale, PA

ecoservices, LLC performed routine asbestos abatement work under annual contract for environmental remediation.

Dover Airforce Base

Dover, Delaware

ecoservices, LLC performed many projects consisting of asbestos abatement prior to demolition and in concert with comprehensive renovation and repurposing of government assets.

Superstorm Sandy

Toms River, New Jersey

ecoservices, LLC performed asbestos abatement in cooperation with over 125 residential demolitions.  Pre project planning involved development of efficient and compliant means and methods with input from the Township, NJ DOH, NJ DOL, and US EPA.  ecoservices was particularly on the front lines of the public relations of this project.

Middle School

Southern New Jersey

Removed mercury containing gymnasium flooring as part of a school renovation project.

A containment was constructed prior to floor removal.  Special Mercury monitoring was performed on the technicians.  The waste was sent to a hazardous material landfill after packaging the sections of flooring into specific packages to landfill specification.